PR Pubs

Public Relations Publications Spring 2k17

My time in this course was nothing but pleasant. After all, I wish I got to learn more about the tools we had available with the creative suite. I devoted my entire childhood to animating little stick men so a little time spent in Adobe Flash would’ve been nice. Be that as it may, I never was an artist and I can’t draw worth a poop. I usually just use other people’s models if I had to do some sort of animation project in the past.

a step up

What probably made me the most jubilant was the fact that there we no quantitative measure of grades. We were only asked to do the project and have it approved for submission. The pressure of getting an A left my shoulders. I still understood that I had to create quality work though. I never EVER slacked on making projects for this class. I always gave it my all and I would go outside of class to finish my work if need be.

gaylord computer lab

Being my last blog post for this class, I don’t believe I will ever update my blog because I never liked doing blogs in the first place. I get the reasons for blogs, but they were never my thing. The most probable conclusion for this blog is that it will stay on my wordpress page forever. I might update my blog in the future because of another class requiring it.

In summation, PR Pubs made me realize what I might want to do. I have been having doubts about staying within the PR major and move to something more videography intensive using tools such as this. It’s a topic I have been interested since the video project and I’ve been flopping on the issue ever since. Hopefully I’ll know the answer soon.



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