PR Pubs

A Look Back

This is it. The end of Spring 2017 PR Pubs for me.

I looked back through all of my blogs and I have found a pattern. I always wrote about how hard the ordeal was for me when making my project. For example, just look here, here and here. However, every time I was frustrated I always prevailed and came up with a piece I liked (except for that one canva project 🙃).

again.. ew

After going through all of the blog posts and examining my feelings on past projects. I remembered that I enjoyed every part of it. But, to be honest, I never loved it. I never loved it until Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. In Premiere Pro, I was so happy to edit the footage. I was ecstatic to sit there for hours to make one special effect. In contrast, when I was working with photoshop I did not have the same feelings I did then. Additionally, I even went on my own to learn a little about After Effects with what little free time I had. I NEVER do that. I usually goof off or something.

😩 😩 😩

I knew something changed in me. I knew that I loved video editing. The entire experience makes me doubt I want to continue my education in public relations and become a videographer, maybe. I don’t know. I haven’t been this conflicted on what to do ever in my life. On one hand, I can continue my education as a PR major while I work on this as a hobby of mine. On the other hand, I could pursue a life of videography. I made the decision to spend this upcoming summer to making videos and learning how to video edit to make amazing video effects. After summer, I’ll make my decision as to what I’ll do I guess.


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